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In business clear communication is vital. An organisation that communicates badly, fails. We are judged by the quality of our writing. Whether they are emails, reports, minutes, brochures, websites, or technical notes, these documents carry our brand, our personality. We must be seen to be professional.

Writing is a skilled activity. Yet most of us admit that we have never had formal training to improve our writing. It is a matter of chance if the skills developed in education are improved in the workplace.

Poor writing skills are a major headache for managers.Surveys and reports tell us that the cost to the organisation of this skills gap is considerable.

  business writing is a craft, not an art

The good news. Because business writing is not an art, but a craft, it can be taught. And there are many simple ways to improve. The benefits to the individual, the manager and the organisation are real. Explore the courses on this site to find a fit for your needs.

Use precision:texts courses to

  • build your confidence in writing
  • improve your command of language
  • write concisely and efficiently
  • produce documents with greater impact.

precision:texts can help you with any business writing task, either by writing the material or by coaching you to produce excellent content.

  we are judged by the quality of our writing