Business report writing

For many of us, writing a report is a real challenge. We tackle it head-on, producing lots of text in the belief that we are making progress only to discover that all the effort has been misplaced because we hadn’t checked our brief, hadn’t understood who was going to read it, or made basic language mistakes that undermined our message.

The confident writer

And there’s our self-confidence. Am I sure of how to use a word? Can I start a sentence with ‘And’? How do bullet lists work? And what about punctuation?

  Great course and very informative. Directly relevant to my working activities.   David P

The good news is that we can build confidence and write effectively if we

  • appreciate the skills we possess;
  • have a structured approach that separates planning and writing;
  • write concisely and efficiently; and
  • realise that 'right' and 'wrong' are often conventions, and what matters is readability.

A professional approach

Learn what every professional writer knows: that your writing must be reader-centric, every word must involve the reader and make them want to read on. Use and enhance your existing skills with simple but powerful techniques

  I learnt how to write again...  Mary T

Organise and structure your reports

Is writing and thinking the same thing? Do you always know what you want to say? If not, will the reader know? Use simple techniques to avoid ambiguity and not force readers to interpret: let them read and agree with you. Write persuasively to lead the reader through your argument.

Use Language Well

Business report writing challenges you to answer those difficult questions

  • Is your writing interesting?
  • Does it distract and annoy with mistakes?
  • Or does it flow with well structured arguments and interesting words?
  • Is your text leaden, overblown and complex?
  • Or is it lively, concise and clearly expressed?

  A worthwhile investment of my time.  Graham H