Writing professionally at work

How do I improve my writing? One way is to attend a course. Our courses are tailored to meet the specialist areas of writing at work. Every course has a central aim: to equip you with practical tips and techniques that you can immediately apply to your work.

Our guarantee is that you will not look at your writing the same way again. You will see your writing through new eyes - those of a professional writer.


course who is it for? Contact
Effective business writing A general course for anyone who writes at work Book or discuss
Business report writing For anyone who produces reports at work Book or discuss
Technical report writing For specialists, technicicans, analysts, engineers and those who write technical reports Book or discuss
Scientific report writing For scientists, researchers, academics and those who write scientific reports Book or discuss
Minutes and agendas Anyone who has to take minutes and organise agendas Book or discuss
Customer care in writing For those who have to respond to emails and letters of complaint, or manage customers through writing Book or discuss
Grammar for business The basics of grammar and editing for everyone Book or discuss
Letters and emails For everyone who writes emails and responds to letters Book or discuss
Specialist courses These are tailored workshops for specialist groups such as auditors, architects, brokers, analysts, or anyone who has particular needs to address Book or discuss
One-to-one coaching Tailored sessions with individuals with a focus on specific texts and job-related needs Book or discuss


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