Customer care in writing

Can we implement customer care in our writing? Even when the correspondence is fraught, emotionally charged and difficult? We prefer to talk face-to-face. But when we have to persuade people to take an action, or pay their bill, using only the written word, a well-chosen word can make a huge difference, and a badly expressed one can lose a customer.

This course uses practical techniques to improve letter and email writing skills and stresses the importance of understanding the corresponder. In this way we gain control.

  Excellent course, well taught, enthusiastic trainer.  Steve W

Attend this course and

  • assess the writing skills you possess;
  • develop a structured approach based on the principles of customer care;
  • analyse and understand the customer's writing;
  • explore practical writing techniques that equip us to meet the demands of a busy role;
  • write to control the reader; and
  • apply techniques that help manage difficult correspondence.

  Very useful. Opened my eyes to what I’m doing right and wrong.   Paul W

Effective customer care

In conversation, tone of voice is critical. This is difficult to achieve on the page. Letters and emails are a form of dialogue and identifying our correspondents' expectations is a first step on the road to building rapport. But to be really effective we have to manage the customer's reaction.

On this course we use The 4 VoicesTM technique to control the emotional response of the reader, and The 9 Rules to help us structure a compelling letter or email. Applying these powerful methods makes us more persuasive and we get the results we need.