Effective business writing

Can we learn to write more effectively? Developing writing skills is a sound investment and of life-long benefit.

Writing at work is probably the most challenging activity we undertake. Yet it is key to our personal success. This course is an opportunity to explore how we can improve the impact we make in our working lives, through writing.

A practical approach

Adopting a practical and highly interactive approach we explore the writing process, examine key techniques that make a difference, grasp the importance of the reader and take a hard look at how well we perform.

'Excellent course and well presented in a clear and informative way.'  David M

All learning is reinforced through exercises and a writing workshop with feedback from others. By the end of the course we will be able to tackle any writing task with confidence.

Our courses emphasise practical techniques for improving writing skills and use logic and structure to construct compelling arguments.

'This course was extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally.'    Tanya O

Attend this course and

  • understand the business writing process;
  • apply the right structure for the task;
  • use Plain English clearly and concisely;
  • write flexibly for the greatest effect;
  • recognise the importance of the reader; and
  • realise that 'right' and 'wrong' are often conventions, and what matters is readability.

  What have I personally gained from attending the course? Absolutely loads, complete education. Tips and techniques vastly improved.    Gillian H

Learn to use language well

Is your writing interesting? Or does it distract and annoy with mistakes? Does it flow with well-structured arguments and interesting words? Or is your text leaden, overblown and complex? In Effective business writing learn to write to express not impress, using lively, concise and clearly expressed language.

Learn what every professional writer knows: each word must involve the reader and make them want to read on. Use and enhance your existing skills with simple but powerful techniques.

  Detail matters: misspellings, bad grammar, confusing punctuation, annoy and frustrate readers.