Letters and emails

Letters and emails dominate our writing lives. Our inboxes are testimony to the quantity of emails we read everyday, and most require a reply. Letters are still a formal way of responding to colleagues and customers.

Time and writing

This course helps the busy business writer manage the flood of emails and letters and produce well-written, concise and effective work. These documents are not the longest we write at work, but they can be as complex as any. Letters and emails uses a range of practical professional writing techniques to improve writing skills and understand the conventions.

  Excellent course, practical and very relevant.   Sheldon R

Attend this course to

  • appreciate and develop the letter-writing skills we possess;
  • practise a structured approach to writing emails
  • appreciate the value of separating planning and writing;
  • write concisely and efficiently; and
  • realise that 'right' and 'wrong' are often conventions, and what matters is readability.

  Glad that I attended – very constructive and worthwhile.   Greg M

A professional approach

Letters and emails uses the writing triangle to analyse what our readers want as well as what they say. It looks at the emotional charge of letters, the way to use tone and voice to control the reader's reactions, and whether we need a formal or informal style. It looks at the pros and cons of templates and how to use them effectively.

Learn to use Language Well

The course is interactive with a practical approach to the craft of writing. It reviews the way we use paragraphs and sentences, and includes a refresher on the punctuation that holds it all together. We look at how to start and end letters, what phrases work in the context of plain English, and highlight common errors in language use. We look at rules and conventions for emails; what letters and emails have in common, and how they differ. All practical work is based on examples from busines life.

  I am pleased with what I have learnt, and enjoyed the day.  Vikki M