Technical report writing

Technical reports are aimed at a specific audience and writing them can be demanding. To write well and balance the mix of figures and text professionally is a challenge and ensuring these reports are understood by a wider audience can further test our capabilities.

A practical approach to writing

Technical report writing adopts a practical and highly interactive approach through which we explore the writing process, examine key techniques that make a difference, grasp the importance of the reader and consider how we can make our technical reports more accessible.

  Great course, great tutor. Can't wait to put this into practice.  Jim B

Confidence through practice

All learning is reinforced through exercises and a writing workshop with feedback from others. By the end of the course you will be able to tackle technical report writing with confidence. During the course you will

  • understand the report-writing process;
  • leanr how to produce technical reports that are clear and concise;
  • adopt a systematic approach;
  • use plain English for the greatest effect
  • write for the reader, concisely and efficiently; and
  • use technical conventions that increase readability.

  …this course was tailored to the needs of attendees. All this and enthusiasm too! Not easily achieved but I’m impressed.   Karen A